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Welcome to CROCUS escape room in Luxembourg! The haunt of adventurers looking for excitement, mental challenges and a good dose of laughter!

Ready to discover an extraordinary experience? Whether you are looking to strengthen the cohesion of your team or simply to spend a friendly moment with friends or family, at CROCUS games, we have everything you need to ensure that everyone finds what they are looking for.

Here, there is no boredom or routine: we offer classic escape rooms for lovers of mysteries and puzzles, as well as free-roaming virtual reality games for the more adventurous. By solving our puzzles as a team, you will create strong bonds and unforgettable memories. And thanks to our state-of-the-art virtual reality technology, you’ll have an experience like no other.

And that’s not all ! We are proud to offer a selection of languages ​​to play our games, including French, English and Luxembourgish.

And the best part of it all?

After your main adventure, don’t leave right away! We have a coffee corner so you can savor your moments of victory. Our lobby is full of games and puzzles to prolong the fun. Take a break on our exact copy of the sofa from the cult series “Friends” or take a picture of yourself in our magic mirror.

The possibilities are endless at CROCUS!

So, ready to take up the challenge at CROCUS escape game in Luxembourg? Come join us for an extraordinary experience filled with thrilling adventures!

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Fully immersive and interactive escape rooms
Unique scenarios, technological riddles and bluffing mechanisms
Several rooms within the same game
We are committed to providing you with the best Escape experience. Take your chance and try the adventure Escape Room with CROCUS Quest Games!
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How to play

Look for hints
In group of 2 -6 people, explore the room and gather the hints.
Work as a team
Solve the riddles using logic, thinking, mechanisms, test your group cohesion it will bring you victory!
Find the way out
You have 60 minutes to fulfill your mission and escape the room


The more you come the less you pay!

Escape Room 60 min:

2 participants – 50 euros/p
3 participants – 42 euros/p
4 participants – 37 euros/p
5 participants –  34 euros/p
6 participants – 32 euros/p

Escape Room 75 min:

4 participants – 42 euros/p
5 participants –  40 euros/p
6 participants – 37 euros/p

Virtually  Reality games Free Roam:

2 participants – 40 euros/p
3-8 participants – 35 euros/p

Team Building
Birthday party
Private Events
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