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Mobile Escape Room for big groups (50p|hour or 250p|day)

Escape Arena – so funny!

Most Escape Rooms have a capacity of up to ± 7 participants. This makes it less interesting for larger companies. CROCUS Escape has developed a Mobile Escape Game – Escape Arena – this Mobile Escape Game takes away all restrictions!

How does the game work?

The Mobile Escape Room consists of 12 unique ‘boxes’. Each box contains challenging puzzles that you also encounter in physical Escape Rooms; hidden doors, smart techniques, surprising technical elements, number locks, etc. The goal? Teams of 3/5 people compete against each other to solve as many boxes as possible within the agreed time. The team has solved most boxes after 60 or 90 minutes, wins!

Escape Arena – it’s a gurantee your event will be a success!

Who is for?

Escape Arena can be used for numerous occasions:

This superb team-building exercise will test relationships and help you find out more about people you think you already know well. Players work together to solve clues – they must collaborate to succeed. It’s the ultimate team-building exercise!

While playing the Mobile Escape Game, it becomes very clear what role people take in a group. Who is dominant? Who is analytical? Who monitors the group process and who thinks out-of-the-box? Observe the group process and mirror their behavior in a group, or use it as a relaxing break of a day of training.

Playing Escape Arena is not only a fun, team bonding experience, it can help identify team members’ strengths, attitudes and test the ability of your staff to collaborate.

Accompanied by our enthusiastic game-masters, your teambuilding activity is guaranteed to be a success.

Learn lessons that you won’t find in lectures by taking on The Escape Arena with fellow students.

The game tests teamwork, cognitive ability and lateral thinking – all qualities that you need for your studies.

The clues are there. You just need to find the answers.

A very fun activity with a great variety of games and opening mechanisms in a competitive atmosphere.

You can utilise it as a mobile service delivered to any venue indoors or outdoor or play at our location.

For more information, contact us by e-mail: hello@crocus-quest.com